£13.99 Nori Seaweed Softener, 105 g

Nori Seaweed Softener

Make your nori seaweed easier to eat.If you have ever found nori seaweed too difficult to bite into, this nori seaweed softener is an essential item. This square-shaped gadget has 172 sharp points on its underside. When it is pressed into a sheet of nori seaweed, it leaves rows of minute puncture holes, which in turn make the entire nori sheet easy for even the tiniest of teeth to break apart. This softener is particularly ideal for children and people with delicate teeth.

Price of Nori Seaweed Softener, 105 g

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In case you are a lover of Japanese meals, you are without doubt familiar with sushi, tempura, teriyaki, and other preferred Japanese food fare. In this post I'd choose to introduce you to definitely three delightful Japan foodstuff merchandise that you simply won't nonetheless have heard of.

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