£13.99 Panda Shaped Nori Seaweed Cutter And Softener, 85 g

Panda Shaped Nori Seaweed Cutter And Softener

Cute onigiri that’s easy to eat.For onigiri rice balls that are as adorable to look at as they are easy to eat, look no further than this panda-shaped wrap around nori seaweed cutter. This seaweed cutter comes in a long rectangular shape, with a panda stencil in the middle. When the cutter is pressed against a sheet of nori seaweed, as well as cutting out the panda face, the rest of the nori sheet is punctured with lots of invisible holes – a process that makes the seaweed easier for tiny mouths to bite into. Cutter measures approx. 6.5cm in width, 18.5cm in length, and 0.8cm in height.

Price of Panda Shaped Nori Seaweed Cutter And Softener, 85 g

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