£24.98 Single Tier Bento Lunch Box For Serving – Black And Red, Japanese Sunrise Pattern, 380 g

Single Tier Bento Lunch Box For Serving - Black And Red

For serving classy bento-style meals.Present your dinner guests classic bento-style lunches or dinners, served in this bento lunch box for serving. Known in Japanese as ‘jubako’, this style of bento box is designed to be used as household tableware for bento-style main meals (which are considered a delicacy in and of themselves). The spacious bento tray and top lid are finished in burgundy red on the inside and jet black on the outside, with a scenic Japanese sunrise (complete with flying cranes and pine tree branches) decorating the lid.
Bento box measures approx. 21cm in length, 21cm in width, 7cm in height (including lid).

Price of Single Tier Bento Lunch Box For Serving – Black And Red, Japanese Sunrise Pattern, 380 g

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