£3.98 Bamboo Cooking Chopsticks – Green and Blue Stripe Pattern, 30 g, 2 pairs

Bamboo Cooking Chopsticks - Green and Blue Stripe Pattern

For your long-handled chopstick needs.Equip yourself with one of the handiest pieces of Japanese kitchen equipment in existence – long-handled cooking chopsticks. These two pairs of bamboo cooking chopsticks are over 10cm longer than standard Japanese chopsticks used for eating, and decorated simply with horizontal stripes in green and blue. They also feature grooves along the tapered ends, making it easier to grip more slippery foods. Use to reach into hot and/or deep pans and saucepans, to pan-fry, to separate ingredients, and more. Chopsticks measure approx. 33cm in length.

Price of Bamboo Cooking Chopsticks – Green and Blue Stripe Pattern, 30 g, 2 pairs

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