£3.98 Wooden Reversible Cooking Chopsticks – Red Stripe Pattern, 20 g

Wooden Reversible Cooking Chopsticks - Red Stripe Pattern

For your long-handled chopstick needs.Save on washing up with this handy pair of reversible cooking chopsticks. These chopsticks measure over 10cm longer than standard Japanese chopsticks used for eating, and are decorated simply with horizontal stripes in red. Unlike standard cooking chopsticks, these are tapered at both ends, meaning both ends can be used to prepare different dishes without risking cross-contamination. Use to reach into hot and/or deep pans and saucepans, to pan-fry, to separate ingredients, and more. Chopsticks measure approx. 33cm in length.

Price of Wooden Reversible Cooking Chopsticks – Red Stripe Pattern, 20 g

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