£5.98 Bamboo Thin Chopsticks – Matte Finish, 80 g, 10 pairs

Bamboo Thin Chopsticks - Matte Finish

Quintessential Japanese cutlery.Equip your cutlery drawer for Japanese dining with these bamboo chopsticks. Designed to make eating Japanese food easy, these thin chopsticks have been heat- and pressure-treated in a special oven for durability, and are free from any environment-harming lacquers or coatings. Use in casual or formal settings, and be sure to hand-wash and towel-dry as soon as possible after use to preserve their integrity.
Chopsticks measure approx. 22.5cm in length.

Price of Bamboo Thin Chopsticks – Matte Finish, 80 g, 10 pairs

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