Goat’s Cheese Rounds With Umeboshi

Goat's Cheese Rounds With Umeboshi

Get everybody into the party spirit with this sophisticated starter. This recipe counterbalances the strong sour flavour of umeboshi pickled plums with the more mellow flavours of goat’s cheese and walnuts, bringing them all together into bite-size rounds. Your dinner guests are bound to love them.

2 logs of goat’s cheese, weighing 150g each50g of walnuts75ml of honeyfresh rocket leaves3 umeboshi

First, blitz your walnuts. Tip them into a food processor and pulse for a minute or two. You want them to chopped into a nice crumb with small chunks but not too fine.Next, take two plates. Cover one with the chopped walnuts and pour the 50ml of honey over the other plate.Then take the goat’s cheese logs and roll them in the honey plate, making sure that they are nicely coated at both ends. Repeat with the walnut plate, again making sure that everything is coated.Place on a chopping board, slice each one into 8 even rounds and then place on a platter. Using the remaining honey, dot each disk with a small dab and then arrange two rocket leaves on top of each one.Finally, take your umeboshi, remove the stone and cut up and divide into small quarters. If you want to take your time, you could cut them into circles but this isn’t really necessary.Place two pieces of pale red plum at the base of the rocket leaves and then serve.

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