Kinpira Gobo

Kinpira Gobo

Make one of Japanese cuisine’s favourite vegetable dishes for yourself with this easy recipe for kinpira gobo. Commonly served as a side dish with grilled meat, rice, and miso soup, kinpira gobo consists of finely sliced burdock, lotus root and carrot, pan-fried in sesame oil and drizzled with a sweet/savoury dressing. This dish is a great way to get even the fussiest eaters to enjoy their vegetables.

1/3 gobo burdock root2/3 carrot5cm renkon lotus root1 tbsp sesame oil2 tbsp sake1 tbsp sugar3 tbsp soy sauce1 tsp dashi no moto

Peel and cut the gobo thinly into matchstick size and soak in water to remove the bitter taste. Leave for 5-10 minutes and strain.Slice the renkon and soak in water.Put oil in a frying pan and heat on medium-high heat. Cook the vegetables and add the dashi, sake, soy sauce, sugar and cook until all the liquid is absorbed.Serve on a plate and sprinkle with sesame seeds.

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For anyone who is a lover of Japanese foodstuff, you're undoubtedly acquainted with sushi, tempura, teriyaki, along with other common Japanese food items fare. During this short article I might prefer to introduce you to definitely 3 delectable Japan foods goods you might not nevertheless have heard of.

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