Shio Koji Asazuke Assorted Vegetable Pickles

Shio Koji Asazuke Assorted Vegetable Pickles

Give your vegetable side dishes an extra boost of umami with this easy asazuke vegetable pickle recipe. The shio koji acts as the pickling agent in this recipe, and it works by breaking down the starches and proteins in the vegetables into sugars and amino acids respectively. By allowing the vegetables to pickle for a short amount of time, the primary flavour of the vegetable remains while extra umami tones, plus just a hint of sweetness, are added.

1 english cucumber1/3 carrot50g daikon radish1 red radish2 tbsp shio koji1 tsp kombu dashi liquid

Prepare the vegetables by slicing and cutting everything but the red radish into small matchsticks. Slice the red radish in half. Mix the shio koji and the kombu dashi together. Put all of the ingredients into a bowl and mix until evenly coated with the shio koji mixture. Wait 10-15 minutes for the vegetables to pickle slightly. Serve as a side to any Japanese meal .

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